Can I trust the professional secrecy of a Romanian private detective ?

By law the Romanian private detective has to keep the professional secrecy; the results of his work are just between him and the client.

Where can a Romanian private detective work ?

A Romanian private detective can open his own individual cabinet or he can work in a detective agency.

Do the Romanian private detectives need special authorization for this profession ?

The Romanian private detectives must have a license issued by the Ministry of Interior and Administration.
Who decides which individual cabinets and detective agencies are eligible to work?
The individual cabinets and detective agencies need to be licensed by the Romanian Police.

Can a Romanian detective agency provide other services ?

A Romanian detective agency can provide only detective services (investigations, surveillance, and so on)

Are there private detectives that just from their experience can predict the outcome of an investigation ?

The private detectives are not fortune tellers so they cannot predict the result of an investigation; if a private detective is telling you the result before he made any kind of work regarding your case it means that he is in the wrong business or you are in the wrong place.

I have meet a person on a video chat site, can you tell me things about her ?

If you have sent her money (not just paying for the video chat shows) and she received
the money as a private person and not as a cam model, then your relation went outside the studio and we have a legal basis for opening an investigation. If this person is just a cam model that you fancy, your relationship is strictly a customer/provider one, therefore there is no legal basis for starting an investigation.

I have meet somebody on a dating site, can I get more informations about this person ?

As in the previous case, only if you have sent her money or other goods and you can prove that your relation is more than a virtual one.