Here are some basic Romanian private detectives prices that will help you make an idea about the costs required for hiring our Romanian detective agency :
– Photo – Video surveillance : starting from 30 euros/hour (6 hours/day minimum for Bucharest, 12 hours/day minimum for the rest of the country) and 35 euros/hour (between 18:00 – 06:00, in the weekends and legal holidays, 35 euros/hour after 18:00 during these periods) ;
– Investigation : starting from 200 euros/day

Romanian Private Detectives prices are different from case to case depending of its complexity, private detectives and crews required for every individual job. A surveillance crew is formed from at least two licensed private detectives and one vehicle. For a basic background check the minimum costs will be between  350 – 500 euros (depending on different factors like : the location of the investigated subject, the amount of informations required and so on), the time frame for an investigation like this will be between two and four weekdays.

For foreign countries and any city other than Bucharest we add the accommodation and transport expenses (usually a minimum of +30% out of the original price).