A Romanian Private Detective can help you in a lot of cases, thinking about investing in Romania? Romanian private detectives can do a lot of research and investigations about your potential business partner. You have been romantically involved with a romanian citizen over the internet and you have sent her money or other goods? Better get at least some basic informations about her before investing more. A licensed Romanian Private Detective can help you in a lot of cases and you should know that most of our client regretted not contacting us earlier and saving huge amounts of money, time and emotions. Therefore you should not look at detective services as an extra expense but as money well spent.

If you’re a foreigner who is thinking about traveling to Romania or has to make a business trip to our country, you might need a Romanian private detective during your stay, so knowing a phone number or at least an email address from a private detective agency in Romania will be in your advantage.Romanian private detectives can help you in a lot of matters, not only for investigation or surveillance jobs. RDA in particular has foreign customers that ask our opinion in various matters regarding their businesses in Romania. The initial evaluation of a case and personal consultations are free, RDA is trying to build a long lasting relationship with our foreign customers and help them with their daily problems in the Romanian society. However if you decide to use a Romanian private detective while in Romania there are some things that you need to know :

  • Romanian private detectives are doing investigation and surveillance services without bringing any prejudice to the fundamental freedoms and rights ;
  • Romanian private detectives must carry with them a private detective ID with a badge (of predominant blue colour) when meeting with clients;
  • Romanian private detectives must be licensed by the police, therefore they must have a license for their agency or individual cabinet and also their personal license for the private detective badge ;
  • Romanian detective agencies are the only ones allowed to do “detective” work, so any other type of company that is offering this kind of services is doing it illegal. Even the big private security companies are not allowed to perform “detective” services ;
  • Romanian private detectives must obey the laws as any other citizen, therefore they are not going to do anything illegal while performing this profession ;
  • Romanian private detectives can only work in a detective agency or in an individual cabinet ;
  • Romanian private detectives are obliged by law to keep the result of their investigations only for the customers ;
  • Romanian private detective agencies have to hire only professional private detectives licensed by the Romanian police ;
  • Romanian private detectives can organise themselves in professional associations to represent their best interests;
  • Romanian private detectives can also work in other European countries if the investigation they’re working on is of that matter ;
  • Romanian private detectives are not allowed to work any cases that are being investigated by the police.